Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Husbands Who Kill: Upstate New York Case

Joan Bent vanished from her home on Feb 16, 1986.. She was a 47 year old book keeper. When the police interviewed her seemingly distraught husband, he stated that he had no idea where she was. Joan and Donald were married for just a few years, but they had known each other as friends growing up. Her body was found frozen in the trunk of her car 6 days later. Ligature marks indicated that she had been strangled. Her purse was found on the front seat. The police focused the investigation on the husband. According to him they had dinner together at 4:30, and then she left to do payroll at the office at 6:30 and never returned. Donald continued to state that he was innocent, and that he was not capable of harming anyone. Examination of the stomach contents indicate that she was killed almost as soon as she swallowed her food. Donald Bent was arrested and convicted for the murder of his wife. At trial the case was circumstantial. The stomach contents is what helped convict him. He strangled her because he found out that she had filed for divorce. The jury sentenced him to 25 years to life in prison. 

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